Jimmy Choo presents: Izabel Goulart's 6 rules of style

Jimmy Choo presents rules of style to live by, featuring the glamorous brazilian model Izabel Goulart.

One of the most photographed women in the world, Goulart shared a few tips to remain as impeccable on the red carpet as in life, in a video and a photo shoot made in one of the most luxurious hotels of the French Côte d'Azur.

1. Wear lace-up shoes with a tuxedo
These shoes are a classic on the red carpet, and the lace-ups go perfectly with a jacket and trousers look, which I like to perfect with a super feminine lacy top.

Jimmy Choo x Izabel Goulart

2. Add diva glasses to your look
No matter what you're wearing, the right model of sunglasses can add a halo of mystery to each outfit.

Jimmy Choo x Izabel Goulart

3. Try sneakers in the evening
Jimmy Choo's sneakers look great paired with a cocktail dress, for a sophisticated yet dynamic look.

Jimmy Choo x Izabel Goulart

4. Challenge movie stars
I like to combine a natural beauty look with jewels and heeled sandals, even at home, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Jimmy Choo x Izabel Goulart

5. Know your best angle
Whether for a selfie or a photo shoot, it's important to know your best profile, and remember: the most beautiful photos always capture a spontaneous moment.

Jimmy Choo x Izabel Goulart

6. Be glamorous
For a real red carpet look, always rely on your favorite beauty professionals. Don't forget to carry your favorite clutch with lipstick and corrector with you, for any last minute touch ups.

Jimmy Choo x Izabel Goulart

"The red carpet is always the most exciting time of an evening, unless there is a party with great music. Brazilian funk makes me dance relentlessly, no matter how high the heels I wear", Goulart concluded

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