Alber Elbaz returns in new collaboration with LeSportsac

The Alber Elbaz x LeSportsac bag collection will be on available for purchase starting August 15.

In October 2015, Lanvin announced the leave of its longtime creative director, Alber Elbaz. The much-acclaimed stylist left the Parisian Maison after 14 years of creative direction. Today, Elbaz returns to work with a capsule collaboration with American bag company LESPORTSAC, as, we suspect, he awaits appointement at another major fashion house.

"It's a nice project, made with nice people. For me it is very important to work with the right people, and I felt really comfortable with the LeSportsac team", he explained. "I liked the idea of a democratic and iconic company, and so I said to myself: Why not, it will be fun."

The capsule collection consists of nylon bags, shoppers, backpacks and pouches featuring the fashion designer's signature drawings. Its pieces will be made available from August 15th, and the collection will be kicked off with a celebration party at New York's Fashion Week on September 5th.

Preview the Alber Elbaz x LeSportsac bags below:

Alber Elbaz x LeSportSac Duffle Bag

Alber Elbaz x LeSportSac Tote Bag

Alber Elbaz x LeSportSac Tote Bag

Alber Elbaz x LeSportSac Pouch Bag

Alber Elbaz x LeSportSac Bag Accessories

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