J Brand launches new ad campaign featuring Elsa Hosk and Tom Daly, Rainsford and Twin Shadow

The new 2018/19 Fall/Winter ad campaign of the premium American denim brand is out.

In a two-dimensional journey between studio and runway, in the city where pursuing one's dreams is a diktat and to seeing them realize is often a reality, J Brand's new 2018/19 Fall/Winter campaign comes to life, starring the Elsa Hosk/Tom Daly couple, united in the spotlight as in life, along with the stars of Rainsford music (Rainey Qualley, daughter of actress Andie MacDowell) and Twin Shadow.

J Brand 2018/19 Fall/Winter ad campaign

J Brand 2018/19 Fall/Winter ad campaign

Taking inspiration from the iconic mood of the 90s music scene, an era that has seen grunge expand along the west coast of the states from Seattle to California, the campaign reveals a series of shots taken between the Milk Studios in Los Angeles and the legendary Zebulo, who moved from Williamsburg to the East Side of LA in 2017.

"I wanted to develop in a responsible way the idea of canonizing couples in real life without leaving aside the key concept, that of love. And there is something really natural and instinctive in which I really find myself, when you portray creative people in action while collaborating with each other. I met Rainsford on Instagram, he has the voice of an angel. And I've been a Twin Shadow fan for years. When I saw that they had recently worked together on a musical project I realized that the fact that they told J BRAND what they are doing makes sense, and I was delighted that they gave us confidence and allowed us to photograph them on stage." explained Mary Peffer, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications.

J Brand 2018/19 Fall/Winter ad campaign

J Brand 2018/19 Fall/Winter ad campaign

The collection is naturally inspired by the 90s, in a mix of must-have elements in the wardrobe of the superhero-women of our day: comfort, style and sophistication. The outfits are divided into three macro sections: Evening, designed to be worn at any time of the day, featuring black laser-cut leather and lace details; Fashion, featuring classic skinny jeans in blue and gray washes with zip and buttons on view, and combined with soft outerwear faux fur; and Colors, with elements of iridescent silver denim and metallic shades.

J Brand 2018/19 Fall/Winter ad campaign

J Brand 2018/19 Fall/Winter ad campaign

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