Sneak Peek: these are the first images from the Pirelli 2019 calendar

The first backstage images of the Pirelli 2019 calendar have been unveiled. American Top Model Gigi Hadid is one of only four women featured in the series.

Last year, the world-famous calendar was shot by Tim Walker, who used the "Alice in Wonderland" film as a source of inspiration. The calendar then featured a colorful cast including big names of the art and fashion world.
This year, the Pirelli calendar was shot by Scottish photographer Albert Watson and its cast includes all but four women: model Gigi Hadid, ballet dancer Misty Copeland, actress Julia Garner and model Laetitia Casta. A stark contrast with the mythical calendar's earlier years. Men featured this year include ballet dancers Calvin Royal III, Sergei Polunin and fashion designer Alexander Wang.

This particular choice is no mistake: the famed calendar has shifted to focus more on diversity in recent years, in an attempt to shed its associated mental image of a collection of nothing more than sparsely dressed models. A far cry from the original purpose of the calendar: "to keep track of time and sell tires", as Pirelli defined it.

While the unveiling of the full calendar is due this fall, the following set of pictures will give you a sneak peek of what awaits in this year's edition.

Pirelli Calendar 2019 Misty CopelandMisty Copeland

Pirelli Calendar 2019 Misty CopelandMisty Copeland Backstage

Pirelli Calendar 2019 Calvin Royal IIICalvin Royal III

Pirelli Calendar 2019 Julia GarnerJulia Garner

Pirelli Calendar 2019 Julia Garner BackstageJulia Garner Backstage

Pirelli Calendar 2019 Gigi HadidGigi Hadid

Pirelli Calendar 2019 Laeticia CastaLaeticia Casta

Pirelli Calendar 2019 Alexander Wang & Gigi HadidAlexander Wang & Gigi Hadid

Pirelli Calendar 2019 Gigi Hadid At The CarlyleGigi Hadid at the Carlyle

Pirelli Calendar 2019 Alexander Wang & Gigi HadidAlexander Wang & Gigi Hadid

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