Tommy Hilfiger headed to Shanghai for next TommyNow show

After touring New York, Los Angeles and Milan, Tommy Hilfiger is now headed to Shanghai for his next TommyNow show set on September 4th.

For his 2018-2019 Fall-Winter show dubbed TommyNow, the New York-based creator will unveil a new collection inspired by British Formula 1 pilot Lewis Hamilton, based on "See now-Buy now", the novel concept of offering the pieces on show for sale immediately after the end of the event which the designer first introduced in the Fall of 2016.
In addition to the "TommyXLewis" collection, the Tommy Man, Woman, and Icons lines, will also be showcased.

The address and the theme of the event have not yet been unveiled.

Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton on his Tommy Hilfiger Collaboration:

"This is the most exciting thing that has happened for a long time. I met Tommy Hilfiger in the street in New York — I bumped into him coming out of a hotel. I then started to see him at different events and he was like, 'Hey man, I love what you're wearing, we should do something together one day.' I thought, that's pretty amazing, but maybe he says that to everyone. I thought it was almost unbelievable that Tommy Hilfiger, who I grew up wearing, would want to work with me. But then I saw him again he said, "Let's really do this," and it went from there. I got my team to agree and now Tommy Hilfiger is our team sponsor and we are on our way to the first collection. The rest is history."

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