Acne Studios celebrates family diversity in new Face Collection

On the occasion of Pride Month 2018, Acne Studio's new "Face Collection" made a splash by celebrating unconventional families.

This collection is the Swedish brand's second capsule dedicated to its face motif: a square emoji made from a simple straight line and two dots, "not too happy, not too sad", symbolizing the neutrality that is at the base of the new collection and a supposed metaphor for Swedish men, according to the label's creative director Jonny Johansson. The motif was born while Johansson was trying to design a bag for a show, and was quickly adopted as a brand icon, spreading like wildfire and making appearances everywhere from sweatshirts, T-shirts, to shorts and now –for the first time– sneakers.

Acne Studios Face Collection Family & Face Motif

The new Face Collection, already on sale online and in selected stores, was announced in conjunction with Pride Month 2018, with a photographic campaign embodying the values of the LGBTQ+ community and rainbow families.

"I have been thinking about families for a long time. Since Acne Studios started as a collective, we would see each other as a family back in the days. I therefore wanted to portray households of today, in all constellations," Johansson said in the press release.

Acne Studios Face Collection Dad Sweater

The collection's bold new flagship pieces, like the Dad sweatshirt above, feature the captions "Mother", "Dad", "Brother", "Sister" printed on solid color backgrounds, and are meant to be worn indiscriminately of sexual gender, promoting an important message of equality and gender identification that goes beyond current social norms.

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