J Brand x Steph Shep: All about their latest #LittleBlackJean collaboration

J Brand gave birth to a collaboration with the entrepreneur and Instagram star Stephanie Shepherd. For this project, the former assistant to Kim Kardashian has created her "little Black Jean", a skinny high waisted model with laces that aspires to be a tribute to the "Maria", her favorite J Brand piece.

"I've been wearing skinny black jeans for seven years now, like a uniform, almost exclusively J Brand," she said. "Knowing the fit and cuts I liked helped me figure out what I wanted to create."

"Steph and I are both from Cleveland, Ohio. She told me the story of when she first moved to LA, she put aside some money to invest in luxury jeans, and she would only buy J Brand", tells Mary Peffer, Senior Marketing and Communications Director of the brand. "Creating this model with her was one of the easiest things in my career. She has a great eye for detail and knew exactly how she wanted it to be."

J Brand x @steph_shep's #LittleBlackJean will be produced in 100 pieces only and made available for sale on the website, starting June 12th.

J Brand x Steph Shep Jeans

Q&A with Stephanie Shepherd

Tell us about your first pair of J BRAND jeans. You bought them when you first moved to LA from Ohio?

"One of my earliest fashion memories was when I saw J BRAND for the first time. I remember seeing all the photos of celebrities that wore them in the magazines, I desperately wanted a pair too, but I could barely pay rent at the time.

I saved up for months to make my first investment fashion: a pair of black jeans by J BRAND, super skinny and low waist. I was so happy with them that I wore them day and night. I had them until recently, but had to give them away because they didn't fit anymore... I hope some petite girl can wear them as a kind of magic amulet."

Why did you choose a lace-up closure for your jeans? Is there any particular reason why you wanted this detail?

"I love that kind of closure! I always choose that kind of detail because it creates a super elegant effect. And then for some women, including myself, that part is a bit of a critical area, and the lace-up closure offers a little more support."

How did your relationship with the brand influence the creative process?

"I've worn skinny black jeans for seven years, it's my uniform. Many of the J BRAND jeans are part of my everyday look. Knowing the fit and models so well helped me to understand what I wanted to work on. And since the Maria model was one of my favorites, we started from there, from something I already knew, to create something new."

J Brand x Steph Shep Jeans

What kind of woman do you imagine wearing the jeans you drew, and what do you hope to bring in her life and wardrobe?

"My jeans are suitable for any type of woman, you can wear them casually or with more elegant looks and I hope they will find a place in all kinds of wardrobes. I wanted to create something that would be good for my friends in Ohio who are moms and my girlfriends who are passionate about fashion, something that they could get behind. The detail of the laces is a stylish touch but still discreet. The denim is soft and stretch, is the favorite thing of jeans!"

Your styling advice for those who want to try your jeans but do not know how to wear them?

"When in doubt, wear them with a white T-shirt. Don't think about it too much though. I personally prefer a 'less is more' look, something simple. I like to pair jeans with basic garments for a classic look."

Anything else to tell us? What do you like most about LA?

"I love everything about LA: the climate, the culture, the fact that there is so much to discover, that there are so many places to go. I like to be surrounded by people who look to the future. I learn something new every day, really. And I owe a lot to this city: the many opportunities and new friendships. I am thankful to have found my house here."

my #littleblackjean collab is out now!! @jbrandjeans ♡ @steph_shep

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