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Must have summer 2018: Jacquemus' big, bold straw hat

From Bella Hadid to Emma Leth, Instagram has gone crazy over Jacquemus' big Straw Hat, unofficially declared this summer's must-have.

Baptised "le grand chapeau Bomba", Jacquemus' large Panama hat first appeared on the catwalk of his 2018 Spring Summer collection and gave its tone to a playful, feminine collection full of whimsy and effortless elegance. Romantic without slipping into decadence, feminine yet with an incredible sense of humour, the accessory was soon seized upon by it girls all over the world.

Jacquemus la bomba straw hat

Bella Hadid was the first to make a splash when she posted a photo of herself sitting on the beach, dressed with nothing but the voluptuous straw hat and a coat of sand over her perfectly tan skin.

Bella Hadid wearing Jacquemus la bomba hat

Emma Leth, a Danish actress and Balenciaga face, proved the accessory was here to stay when she flaunted it on her wedding day, reinventing in one go the boho-chic wedding outfit.
When asked why she decided on the viral accessory to say her vows, she commented: “Getting married is a deeply private thing that you do in front of a lot of people. This is why I needed a hat that combined the feeling of hiding and sharing generosity at the same time.”

Emma Leth's Wearing Jacquemus La Bomba hat at her wedding

Jacquemus's gigantic hat on Emma Leth

Shop the object of desire on our Jacquemus hats section or on the Jacquemus web shop in sizes medium and large.

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