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This swimsuit is everywhere on Instagram

As the swimsuit season begins with a bang, the first pictures of the seaside are beginning to appear on Instagram.

Among the many bikinis, trikinis and monokinis that are popping up, one particular model stands out. This special piece is none other than the one-piece Nina swimsuit from the Solid and Striped label. With its clean cut lines, thin straps that reveal the back and sides, ribbed material and waist belt, it has established itself as the flagship piece of it-girls. Take a peek at the forward thinking women donning the special piece.


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Stay hydrated... ⚡️

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Я так радуюсь, что теперь муж иногда может резко схватить телефон и снять, увидев какой-то удачный кадр! Я обычно успеваю быстро подсобраться - втянуть живот, вытянуть шею, немного повернуть голову вбок... Не всегда удачные кадры, но сам факт, само его желание заметить, оценить и снять - для меня большая радость🙏 . 🇬🇧That's when I didn't ask for a picture but hubby made this one and I really like it😍 . . . #swimwear#swimsuit#holidayfashion#holidayphotos#swimmingsuit#solidandstriped#whitebikini#bikinibody#beachbody#poolside#vacationtime#vacationphotos#beachlife#beachday#onthebeach#bikinigirl#sunglasses#купальник#бикини#пляж#бассейн#жара#слитныйкупальник#пляжнаямода#onvacationwe

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sweet summertime

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Skin or no skin?

If we are to believe the trends reflected by popular social networks, two types of swimsuits seem to be battling for your skin. On one side, the one-piece swimsuit and its many variations: chic and perfect for exposing as little skin as possible. On the other: the bikini (which is getting smaller and smaller) with a top that gives a glimpse of the breasts on the sides and a v-cut bottom. Suit yourself.

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