IUO: an interview with artists Julie Falk and Trine Struwe

Pronounced "ee-you", the Copenhagen-based jewelry label IUO, composed of painter Trine Struwe and...

July 31

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week: the full event calendar

From February 15th to 19th 2019, designers will show off their Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collections...

February 16


Frieze LA: The London Art Fair debuts in the Golden Coast

The inauguration of the event coincides with "Art Los Angeles Contemporary", a week...

February 14


Coach 1941 AW 19: an interview with Stuart Vevers

Stuart Vevers, creative director at Coach 1941, sits down to talk about the fashion house's...

February 13

Altuzarra celebrates its 10th birthday with limited capsule collection

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Altuzarra asked 10 of the brand's friends to select looks...

January 9


Fall/Winter 2019 Menswear Fashion: what to expect from upcoming shows

Once considered a "warm up" for their female counterparts, Men's fashion shows are...

January 5


From manufacturing to designing: Portugal's creative renaissance

From Nycole's casual sportswear to Sophia Kah's glamorous dresses and Hugo Costa's ethereal mixed wardrobe....

January 3


An Interview with Jean Khamkwan, the 25 year old director of “Lover Boy”

Jean Khamkwan (@khamkwan) doesn’t sleep much. Based in Bangkok, the director, editor, and all...

October 21

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